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BusinessTECH Consulting Inc.

Trucking software to the trade since 1977. Certified QuickBooks® Silver Developers.

New LogiPoint Web Industrial™—Now on Intuit's Apps.Com

A completely web-based version of our popular Windows® desktop software, LogiPoint Web Industrial™ allows you to access your data from any Internet-enabled computer. Links to QuickBooks® Online.


Designed for Freight Management

TransTECH™ is software built from the ground up for brokers and other freight management companies. Written expressly for the Windows® environment, it offers a host of powerful yet easy-to-use features to help you automate your business and increase your cash flow. You don't need to worry about investing in software designed for older, hard-to-use operating systems. With TransTECH™ Logistics software you get a modern, cost-effective package that lets you concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

BusinessTECH is a certified Quickbooks® Silver Developer. This means that TransTECH™ Logistics Software has undergone a rigorous series of tests to insure that it interfaces properly with the Quickbooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise series of products.

Intuit Certified