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BusinessTECH Consulting Inc.

Our Consulting Services are just Better.

We have over 35 years experience creating software for all types of devices, from minicomputers to PCs, from tablets to mobile phones. We also advise companies on the proper strategies to use to solve any type of data processing problem.

Regardless of the data processing problem you face, BusinessTECH can help you solve it by providing expert advice, precision software and effective training, all wrapped up in QuickBooks® expertise.

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BusinessTECH began in 1977, creating COBOL software for Texas Instruments minicomputers. With the advent of personal computers we were able to service smaller businesses, specializing in the trucking and logistics sector.


BusinessTECH began its association with Intuit and QuickBooks in 2002-2003, becoming a certified Silver developer and listed consultant. Our logistics solutions are listed on both the Inuit Marketplace (LogiPoint-M) and (LogiPoint Web). As of early 2014 LogiPoint Web was the only trucking/logistics application to pass Intuit's security review and thus allowed to be listed on