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LogiPoint-M™ FAQ

  • How should my QuickBooks customers be structured so they are compatible with LogiPoint-M?

    The only requirement is that you not have any sub-customers, or jobs, in your QuickBooks® customers list.

  • Why is the invoicing menu option grayed out so I can't select it?

    LogiPoint-M will not let you select the Invoicing option when a QuickBooks Synch is required. This is so that all Invoices will transfer successfully to QuickBooks. Simply run the Synchronization process and you will be able to Invoice.

  • What is "Linked Vendor" in the Carrier (Agent) record?

    LogiPoint-M maintains a logical separation between Carriers and the entities you pay for their services. For example, a Carrier may be factored; when they send you an invoice you pay the factor. In LogiPoint-M you can simply set up that factor as a QuickBooks Vendor and then link the Carrier record to it. That way, all your Carrier information is available (e.g. contact, phone, insurance and safety information) but when you generate an invoice the payable will be to the factor. Agents work in a similar fashion. If a Carrier (or Agent) is payed directly then simply set them up as Vendors in QuickBooks with the same information.

  • When do I need to do a QuickBooks synchronization?

    Synchronization affects only vendors, customers and revenue categories. You do not need to synch when you add or change a shipment, carrier, agent, etc. in LogiPoint-M. A general rule is to run a synchronization once a day or before invoicing (LogiPoint-M won't let you invoice unless it is synchronized with QuickBooks). Otherwise, if you add or change a vendor or customer in QuickBooks and need to see it in LogiPoint-M or, conversely, if you add or change a customer, vendor or revenue category in LogiPoint-M and need to have it available in QuickBooks you will need to synch.

  • TransTECH LogiPoint-M will not connect with QuickBooks....I get an error beginning with "There is a QuickBooks company file already open and it is different.....". What's wrong?

    LogiPoint-M requires that all workstations open the QuickBooks company file through the same location. What this means is that, on each computer, you will need to map the same drive letter to the location of the QuickBooks company file. So, for example, if the company file ABCCompany.QBW is located on the \\server computer in the shared directory \public\documents\Intuit\Company Files then, on each computer (including \\server) you would map the Q: drive to \\server\public\documents\Intuit\Company Files and then make sure that each user opens Q:\ABCCompany.QBW .

  • When I try to start LogiPoint-M I see a splash screen, then I either get an error

    message or nothing. LogiPoint-M won't start.

    If you are using the Server Version of LogiPoint-M you must make sure that the server itself has been started and is running prior to trying to start LogiPoint-M. When you installed the server a shortcut should have been placed on your Desktop. The procedure necessary to start the server differs depending on whether the OS is Windows XP or Windows Vista/7. If the former then make sure you are logged in as an Administrator and just double-click the shortcut; otherwise, you must right-click on the shortcut, select Run As Administrator and supply your credentials. If you are sure the server is running and you are trying to start LogiPoint-M on a computer other than the one on which the server is installed then another possibility is that the IP address of the computer running the server has changed. This address is stored in the TT.INI file on each computer running LogiPoint-M; this INI file is located in the COMMON_APPLICATION_DATA\BusinessTECH directory. To correct the situation either contact BusinessTECH support or determine the IP of the computer running the server and edit the INI file on each computer, removing the old IP and entering the new one..

  • I need to add a factor for a new Carrier. I entered the factor as a Vendor in LogiPoint-M

    but when I go to add the Carrier I don't see that Vendor in the "Link to Vendor"

    pick list.

    When you add a factor as a Vendor you need to select "Carrier" under Vendor Type on the second page of the Vendor entry form.

  • I am trying to access SYSTEM SETUP but I get the message "Configuration File is Locked".

    First, be sure that only one workstation at a time is trying to access SYSTEM SETUP. If that is not the cause of the problem then have everyone exit LogiPoint-M (you do not have to close down QuickBooks) and shutdown the DB Server (right-click and select Exit). Then restart the server and log back in. That should correct the problem.