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TransTECH LogiPoint-M

TransTECH™ LogiPoint-M is built with a modern, CS-capable file system which gives you the power and flexibility you need in a cost-effective package designed from the ground-up to interface with QuickBooks® (note: LogiPoint-M is compatible with Pro/Premier 2006-2014 and Enterprise 6-14 only) .


As do all TransTECH™ products, LogiPoint-M offers you a comprehensive program to manage your loads, carriers, agents and invoicing, all from one easy-to-use, centralized interface. Couple this with extensive searching, sorting and reporting capabilities and you have a tool which takes care of the details and lets you concentrate on increasing sales and profitability.


TransTECH™ LogiPoint-M displays your loads in a clear, resizable grid that you can sort, search and group. For example, have a wider monitor and want to see all of your load information at-a-glance? Just drag the outer window frame to the right and increase the width of the load board.


Want to see which loads are assigned to what carrier? All you need is to group your loads by carrier; just drag the header of the carrier column to the top of the screen to display the group view.


You can group by any column shown in the grid. This offers you tremendous versatility and lets you get the information you need, quickly, without wasted effort.




>  User security

>  Multiple company support

>  High-speed, robust datafile system

>  Easy-to-use pick boxes and drop-down lists with incremental search

>  On-the-fly record addition

>  Color-coded load status

>  Extensive load sorting and searching capabilities (dependent on memory)

>  Common load designation

>  Load copying

>  Load grouping by category

>  Quick tree-view load filter control

>  Module available for extended QuickBooks® invoice information and optional Item Receipt creation;

>  Module available for configurable Internet load posting

>  Carrier service categories

>  Automatic carrier charge calculation by Ton, Hundredweight, Mile, Unit or Flat rate

>  Filtered carrier search for precise load matching

>  Sales categories linked to QuickBooks®

>  Quick-click invoicing with automatic, simultaneous transfer of customer, carrier and agent data to QuickBooks®.