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LogiPoint® Web INDUSTRIAL—Why Web-based technology?

LogiPoint-M desktop logistics software is full-featured, powerful and easy-to-use, and offers the most cost-effective logistics platform for use on Windows® local area networks.


But when you have a wide variety of operators, geographically dispersed, or users just don't want to be tied to a single computer or group of computers, utilizing web-based software offers you a cost-effective alternative solution.


You can use LogiPoint Web Industrial on any computer that has a browser and is Internet enabled. Desktop or laptop, you have the full power of LogiPoint available to you and your operators. As well, if you wish, you can optionally extend that power to your customers (e.g. enter loads, check delivery information), drivers (enter proof of delivery) and more!


TransTECH LogiPoint Web Industrial is a cost-effective, completely web-based freight brokerage system which links to QuickBooks® Online.


TransTECH LogiPoint Web Industrial can be accessed through standard browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox) from any Internet-capable computer. The load board displays your loads in a clear, color-coded grid that you can sort and search. Entry of new loads is quick and easy and each load detail form provides operators with comprehensive information, including customer, origins and destination, carrier, cargo details, charge and rate information, profit details and more.


Supports QuickBooks® Online!

Take advantage of BusinessTECH's expertise in integrating LogiPoint Web with QuickBooks® Online. LogiPoint Web does not  support QuickBooks® Desktop.


LogiPoint Web Industrial allows you to take advantage of the power of the web while utilizing QuickBooks® Online.


Enter Customers, Vendors, etc. into LogiPoint Web Industrial and then transfer them to your company file with the click of a button. Invoices you generate with LogiPoint can then be imported, complete with all accounts receivable and accounts payable information, directly into QuickBooks® Online. Keep your accounting files safe and secure in the Cloud, while your operators, agents, customers and drivers have web access only to the information you want them to see.





>  Industrial-strength database engine

>  Easy-to-use pick boxes and drop-down lists

>  On-the-fly record addition

>  Color-coded load status

>  Full-featured load board with extensive load sorting and searching capabilities

>  Sales categories which can be linked to QuickBooks® general ledger accounts

>  Automatic carrier and customer charge calculation by Hundredweight, Mile, Unit,Ton, Percentage or Flat rate

>  Distribute load expenses across multiple QuickBooks® expense accounts and create expense only items (for owner-operators, drivers and any expense that should not appear on a carrier payable)

>  Up to two agents can be assigned to each load, with automatic commission calculation

>  Each load can have an unlimited number of origins and destinations and up to three carriers

>  Multi-operator capability-keeps track of which loads are entered by which personnel and provides sorting, searching and reporting by Operator Id

>  Convenient grid filters for fast searching

>  Attach any number of documents to each load. Proofs of delivery, claim documents, pictures are all stored on the web and can be uploaded, downloaded and viewed as needed.

>  Maintain a database of carrier equipment types and attach equipment lists to carriers and loads.