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Need to ask us a question about how TransTECH™ LogiPoint-M or LogiPoint Web Industrial works or how to deal with a problem you're having?


The first thing you should do is check our list of LogiPoint Web Industrial Frequently Asked Questions or LogiPoint-M Frequently Asked Questions, depending on the version you're using. If our list of FAQs doesn't have what you need for you may contact us by e-mail at Please note that, in order to receive technical support, you must be under a current technical support contract (or within 30 days of purchase). Alternatively, you may pre-pay on a per-incident basis. For details on the cost of these options please see our pricing page.


When contacting us please be sure to indicate what version of TransTECH™ LogiPoint-M you have (single-user, multi-user or serve), your Serial Number, and provide, if possible, simple steps to reproduce your problem. If you have a question as to how something can be accomplished in TransTECH™, don't be afraid to ask. Just try to be as clear and complete as you can.

Resources (LogiPoint Web Industrial)

Videos (LogiPoint-M)

>  Load Board-Introduction

>  Load Board-Part II

Screen Shots (LogiPoint-M)

>  Load Board-Default Size

>  Load Board-Group By Carrier

>  Load Board-Details (Page 1)

>  Load Board-Details (Page 2)